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Eye Exam


At Wise Eyes Optical we conduct a thorough examination of your eyes with a combination of our clinical expertise and modern diagnostic equipment. Our comprehensive eye tests are bulk-billed through Medicare.

During your eye examination you can expect the following:

Case history – We will ask about what vision problems you’ve been experiencing, and any relevant general health issues, ocular health issues and family history of eye diseases.  Depending on your concerns, we may ask about your working environment and specific visual needs to help tailor the optimal vision correction to your lifestyle.

Visual acuity and refraction – We will assess your ability to see small detail clearly at both near and far distances. You may sit behind a phoropter, an instrument containing a combination of lenses. Lens choices are systematically changed until clear focus is obtained.

Frontal eye examination – We will conduct an examination of the frontal parts of your eyes. This will help us to determine the presence of damage due to sun exposure, age and the environment, among other factors.  Abnormalities such as blepharitis, pterygium, and dry eyes will be noted.

Internal eye examination – We will check the internal structures of your eyes to look for any abnormalities that require attention. Some conditions we pick up may be isolated to your ocular health such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Other problems may be linked to your overall health, such as hypertension and diabetes – which can cause particular problems in the back of your eyes.

We will advise you on the best way to manage any conditions that we detect during your internal eye examination. 

Retinal Photography – We may take a retinal photograph to document the back of your eyes depending on our findings.  This will help us to compare the state of your eyes over time. We do not charge for this service.

Visual Fields – Depending on our findings, we may evaluate your peripheral vision with a visual field test to check how well you can see targets which are not directly in front of you.  This service is bulk-billed through Medicare.

Other Tests – Because of the complexity of eye conditions, we may need to do a variety of other tests to ensure your vision is protected in the long term.  These tests may include the following:

  • Dilated eye examination
  • Colour vision (Ishihara) testing
  • 3D vision (Stereopsis) testing
  • Eye muscle alignment (Phoria) testing
  • Amsler grid test
  • Dry eye assessment